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5 Reasons Winter Is the Optimal Time for Plastic Surgery

October 09, 2018

Summer is now firmly behind us, and winter will be here before you know it. If you’ve been contemplating plastic surgery, now would be a great time to start talking with Dr. Lee about planning your procedure. Timing is a crucial factor to consider when undergoing plastic surgery, and there are many reasons why winter is often the ideal time to get your cosmetic procedure completed.

You will Be Fully Recovered by Next Summer

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When should I Consider a Tummy Tuck?

October 02, 2018

If countless hours in the gym and thousands of crunches haven’t delivered the toned, chiseled abs you desire, then you may want to consider a tummy tuck to put the finishing touches on your workout efforts. During a tummy tuck, loose abdominal muscles are tightened and excess skin and fat are removed to help you achieve a flatter, fitter stomach appearance.

Dr. Richard Lee will customize your tummy tuck to address your unique needs and goals. Many of our patients have found their procedure to be life-changing, providing a boost in self-confidence and the added motivation necessary to live a healthy lifestyle moving forward.

While a…

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Welcome to Our Blog

May 30, 2018
reception area and front desk at Richard H. Lee, MD Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, California
Step inside our plastic surgery office

Welcome to the new blog of Richard H. Lee, MD Plastic Surgery. We hope this blog will serve as an important tool to share valuable information about our practice and new developments in the field of plastic surgery. As part of our commitment…

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Breast Enlargement Recovery — Newport Beach Implants

March 06, 2018

Most women go into breast surgery with a list of concerns. Some are worried about the surgery, while others question the breast enlargement recovery process. The best advice when planning for your surgery is to learn as much as you can about each phase of the process and to be sure to ask your surgeon as many questions as possible.

Once you arrive at home, it will be important to get as much rest as possible. Before falling asleep, make sure you have a large glass of water. Sleeping off the anesthesia is key for a fast recovery. Too much activity during breast enlargement recovery can cause bleeding, an upset stomach and even a loss of consciousness.

For more details…

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Breast Augmentation Surgery in Newport Beach

March 06, 2018

The breast implants available for a breast augmentation come in various shapes (round and anatomic) and sizes. The choices you make regarding these factors will determine the exact nature of your results.

It is impossible to predict the exact cup size after surgery. Generally, the patient should not choose an implant that could cause problems later because the implant is too large for their frame.

Some other considerations in choosing an implant size for a breast augmentation are chest width, chest height, and base diameter (width) of the breast. For example, a patient who is six feet tall probably would not need the same size breast implants as a patient who is five feet…

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Are You Ready to Look Up To 10 Years Younger?

January 26, 2018

People usually look down upon aging as a bad thing instead of looking at it as a chance to enrich their experience of life. They become frustrated as all the signs of aging that manifests on their faces and general body health. Everyone knows that aging is an inevitable and a natural process that our body goes through, and yet have a tough time accepting it.

As we age…

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What to Bring to Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

January 23, 2018

Your breast augmentation consultation gives you and your plastic surgeon a chance to get to know each other and determine the best approach for reaching your cosmetic goals. There are many different breast implant options — different sizes, implant types, placements, and shapes — and your…

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Methods of Reconstructing the Breasts After a Mastectomy

January 11, 2018

For a lot of women out there, breasts are an integral part of their feeling of womanhood and naturally, breast restoration after mastectomy or a breast trauma is an important part of rehabilitation. Most women decide to take up breast reconstruction to bring back the shape and composition of the breast(s).

The choice to take up breast reconstruction is…

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How Soon Can You Undergo Body Contouring After Weight Loss?

January 09, 2018

Loose, sagging skin is a common complaint among those who have experienced dramatic weight loss. If you’ve lost a significant amount of weight as a result of bariatric surgery or diet and exercise, your skin may not have the ability to conform to your new body size. You may need one or more body contouring procedures to smooth out your body’s appearance…

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Top Plastic Surgery Procedures Inspired by New Year Resolutions

December 17, 2017

New Year resolutions are a great way to jumpstart self-improvement. Unfortunately, statistics show that only a small percentage of people actually keep their resolutions. If you are one of the many who have trouble achieving your resolutions each year, Dr. Richard Lee, a top plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, may be able to help. Here,…

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