Is a Body Lift Right For Me?

As we age, our bodies can begin to change. Excess skin can become more prominent, and stubborn fat can become more challenging to lose. A body lift is a series of surgical procedures that target excess fat and sagging skin along the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and buttocks. Dr. Lee can perform a body lift to help patients shape and tone of their figures. 

What Is a Body Lift?

Due to the natural aging process, our skin can lose its elasticity and volume. This can create sagging skin and lead to cellulite. Unfortunately, loose skin and cellulite do not respond to diet and exercise. A body lift is a surgical procedure that can target these concerns and excess fat. The surgery is primarily used to enhance the body's lower half and create a more sculpted and contoured silhouette.

The procedure can also be used for those who have recently lost substantial weight and are left with loose or excess skin. When the skin has lost elasticity or the amount of weight loss has been dramatic, surgery is the only way to target excess skin.

What a Body Lift Can Address

A body lift can address several areas of the body, including:

  • The abdomen
  • The buttocks
  • The flanks
  • The pubic area
  • The thighs

These areas will have excess fat and skin removed during the procedure, and the underlying tissues and muscles will be reshaped. 

Who Is a Candidate for a Body Lift?

Ideal candidates for a body lift are those with excess skin and fat along the lower abdomen, relaxed underlying muscles, and cellulite or wrinkled skin in other areas of the lower body. These factors may be caused by age, genetics, or weight loss.

To determine if you are a good candidate for a body lift, you can meet with Dr. Lee for a confidential consultation. During this visit, he will work to understand your concerns and ultimate goals for the procedure.

Because this is a more substantial surgical procedure, your overall health will be closely reviewed by Dr. Lee to ensure you are a good candidate. If you do meet the criteria for the procedure right now, he can discuss the steps you can take to be a good candidate in the future.

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How a Body Lift Is Performed

A body lift is performed with general anesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable and may require an overnight stay. The exact steps of the procedure will depend on the areas being treated and the amount of skin and fat being removed. 

During the procedure, several incisions are made along the areas being treated. Through these, excess skin is excised, and fat is removed. After this, the incisions are closed, and the areas will be dressed in bandages. 

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Body Lift Recovery

A body lift will require several weeks of downtime and recovery. Once you return home, you should rest and avoid strenuous activities. Dr. Lee will offer you a comprehensive guide on caring for your incisions and when you can return to your normal activities. After a week, you will return to his office to ensure the healing process is going well and have any drains removed. Dr. Lee will be available throughout your recovery to answer any questions you may have or address any concerns. 

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Schedule Your Consultation

If you are experiencing excess skin or are frustrated with skin that sags, a body lift may be the right procedure for you. Dr. Richard H. Lee is a Newport Beach plastic surgeon specializing in body transformations. If you are interested in a body lift, contact Dr. Lee’s office to schedule a consultation.

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