At the practice of Dr. Richard H. Lee, our team believes that plastic surgery helps people feel better about themselves. We frequently have patients admit the following:

“I feel so much more confident in myself, thanks to Dr. Lee for all his great work.”

“{Dr. Lee} took years off my appearance and it looks so natural. I never dreamed I would feel as good as I do. It’s not just my appearance that has improved, but my self-esteem has been boosted tremendously.”

We are pleased that scientific evidence now backs up our claim!

Study: Plastic Surgery Patients Are Healthier, Have More Self-Esteem

Clinical Psychological Science published the results of a study that examined the long-term effects of plastic surgery procedures on nearly 550 first-time patients.

Researchers from Ruhr Universität and the University of Basel compared 544 plastic surgery patients to two other groups: 264 people who had considered having plastic surgery, but ultimately decided against it, and 1,000 individuals who had never considered plastic surgery and were not interested. Everyone was asked about their health and well-being. The plastic surgery patients were questioned before and after their operation.

According to the results of the study, the plastic surgery patients reported an improvement in self-confidence and enjoyment of life after surgery.

Compared to the group who did not have plastic surgery, the patients “felt healthier, were less anxious, had developed more self-esteem and found their body, as a whole, more attractive {not just the treated area of the body}.” In fact, the research team did not observe any adverse effects in the plastic surgery patients.

The Connection between Beauty, Happiness and Plastic Surgery

Ted Cascio, the author of a Psychology Today article titled “Does Plastic Surgery Improve Emotional Well-Being?” explored whether physically attractive people tend to be happier than those who are less attractive.

In one of the studies that Cascio looked at, researchers did not find a relationship between a person’s objective attractiveness (in other words: how attractive others found them) and happiness. However, the same study did find that people who perceived themselves as attractive were happier.

Cascio believes it is possible to be biased about how attractive you are; in other words, you may feel more or less attractive than you seem to others. “What appears to matter most is those feelings themselves, even if they diverge from reality to some extent,” Cascio said.

Plastic surgery can address and remove a barrier that is keeping you from feeling attractive and good about yourself. By correcting a perceived flaw, surgery can help you perceive yourself in a more flattering light, and — as science suggests — help you enjoy a boost in happiness and self-esteem.

Dr. Lee offers a range of cosmetic face, body and breast procedures. If you decide to pursue cosmetic treatment at our practice, you could find yourself echoing the words of one satisfied patient:

“I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future.”

To learn more about Dr. Lee and your plastic surgery options, please contact our practice and schedule a personal consultation. Call (949) 548-9312 or email us today.

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