Though the technique of microneedling has been prevalent as a standard cosmetic procedure for decades in Europe, it is a comparatively new technology in the United States. The microneedling process has become even more effective thanks to Equipmed’s MyDermapen, one of the latest highly advanced innovations in the world of rejuvenation technology.

What Is Microneedling?

The automated microneedling process works on the principle of creating a tiny wound within the treatment area with the help of MyDermapen. This injury stimulates the skin’s natural response of collagen production for the repair of the damaged tissue and growth of new skin cells.

The MyDermapen microneedling procedure can be utilized for different levels of skin rejuvenation, right from simply enhancing the level of topical skin product absorption up to the more serious clinical treatment of deep scars and wrinkles. By modifying the penetration depth of the needle within the skin, this treatment can accomplish many types of skin healing.

What Is MyDermapen and How Is It Used?

MyDermapen is a revolutionary microneedling device used for the rejuvenation, lifting, and tightening of damaged skin. MyDermapen is comprised of an electrical handpiece and a detachable needle tip consisting of 12 separate microneedles.

Once the handpiece is turned on, the needles of MyDermapen begin oscillating at a rate of approximately 110 revolutions per second. Once MyDermapen makes contact with the patient’s skin, the needles puncture the skin’s surface and create micro-trauma.

The body’s immune system responds to this micro-trauma by increasing its production of collagen within the skin tissues for the repair of the wound. The tiny penetrations caused by the microneedles also facilitate the absorption of topical nutrients used during the procedure to enhance the resultant effect.

MyDermapen by Equipmed

A more advanced version of the regular Dermapen technology is MyDermapen by Equipmed. The revolutionary MyDermapen incorporates all the major attributes of the previous devices while doing away with their shortcomings.

MyDermapen is able to achieve 1,300 micro-punctures per second, which leads to a much more effective and quicker microneedling process as compared to the other dermal rollers and stamps.

With its multi-speed settings and adjustable needle-penetration depth, MyDermapen provides a superior effect on elastin and collagen rejuvenation, even on the hardest to reach areas of the body and face. In addition to this, MyDermapen promotes natural collagen production and offers scarless healing after the treatment.

What Is MyDermapen Used for?

MyDermapen enables the physicians to treat large or small skin surface areas within a short span of time. The microneedling technique can be used for the treatment of lip wrinkles, skin texture, skin tone, pore appearance, increased product absorption, and stretch marks.

In addition to this, MyDermapen helps in treating superficial facial wrinkles, scarring from acne or trauma, melasma, irregular pigmentation, and for enhancing the texture of the skin on the neck and chest.

The MyDermapen is a highly effective and safe cosmetic procedure that not only rejuvenates your skin texture but also promotes the skin’s natural process of collagen production for healthier and more youthful skin.

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