Follow-up is a critical piece of the plastic surgery experience with Dr. Richard Lee. He monitors all of his patients to ensure they are healing as expected and not experiencing any unusual symptoms. He also removes sutures, stitches or splints, and change bandages if needed.

If you undergo a surgical procedure with Dr. Lee, you will see him a few days after your operation. To get the most out of your follow-up appointment, make sure to cover the topics discussed in this post.

How long should I continue to take my medications?

After your surgery you will be prescribed medications to alleviate discomfort and prevent infection. These medications come with detailed instructions about how long to take them, but if there is any confusion, you can clear it up with the doctor during your follow-up.

How are my incisions healing?

Dr. Lee will check your incisions to make sure they are healing nicely. He can give you additional instructions to care for the incision area and make general projections about future scarring.

When can I return to work?

The doctor will advise when it is safe for you to go back to work. If you work a desk job, you will likely be able to return to the office about two weeks after surgery (depending on your procedure). If you work a job that is more physically demanding, you might need to spend a few extra days recovering at home.

When can I resume exercise, socializing and my regular routine?

It is very important for plastic surgery patients to avoid exercise and strenuous activity while they are healing. Talk to Dr. Lee about your normal exercise routine and ask him when you will be able to resume it. He can also advise when you will feel “normal” enough to go out in public and socialize.

When should I come back for another appointment?

Dr. Lee likes to follow up with his patients several more times, depending on the procedure. He may want to see you another week, month, three months or six months after your surgery.

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