Cosmetic procedures are a popular way to rejuvenate one’s youthful allure and gain the body they desire. Among the cosmetic procedures available, liposuction is one of the most popular because of its ability to provide significant results quickly.

There are numerous liposuction techniques available to suit different cases. PAL or power assisted liposuction is one technique that is quickly being opted by surgeons worldwide. This is mainly because of the proven results the technique provides.

Benefits Of Choosing PAL Liposuction

Efficient Fat Removal: The liposuction procedure provides quick and efficient fat removal. The PAL method makes the entire process much easier on the body and safer overall.

Quicker and easier recovery: The PAL method requires a smaller incision which results in a reduced risk. Smaller incisions also mean faster recovery times.

Accurate Fat Removal: PAL liposuction is ideal for cases that require major levels of fat removal. For accurate correction of fat deposits in certain hard to reach areas, PAL liposuction turns out to be a more convenient and effective method.

Better results: PAL liposuction has been found to be one of the most efficient forms of liposuction. The power assisted method makes fat removal easier.

The PAL Liposuction Procedure

One main complication that a surgeon faces while performing a traditional liposuction procedure is the restricted movement of the cannula. To address this, the incision cannot be made wide. This is what inspired the introduction of PAL. During the power assisted liposuction method the cannula is inserted along with a device that transmits a vibration.

The vibrations transmitted are short bursts that move rapidly. These vibrations would cause the fat cells in the area to be broken down. Your surgeon will not have to struggle with the cannula to reach different fat deposits.

The fat cells that are broken down are then extracted through a hollow tube in the cannula. The procedure as a whole is more or less similar to the traditional liposuction method, but much more efficient.

The procedure begins with a small incision. Once it’s made, the cannula with the vibrating tip is then inserted. The procedure is much faster than the traditional liposuction method as the fat cells are broken down and made easier to extract.

The process is also pretty precise. The vibrations are tuned such that only the fat cells are disintegrated. No other cells and tissues surrounding the fat deposits would be damaged in the process. This makes this process a pretty safe one.

Recovering From the Procedure

Recovering from this procedure should be similar to the traditional technique and maybe even much shorter. The actual time it takes for you to fully recover after a power assisted procedure would depend predominantly on the area being corrected and the amount of fat deposits that need to be extracted.

You can resume your normal activities a few days after the surgery and after three weeks, you can return to your normal routine without any issues.

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