If you have saggy or droopy breasts you may be a great candidate for a breast lift. A breast lift also known as a mastopexy is a surgical procedure designed to help reshape the breasts. As we age, we tend to lose elasticity in our skin causing tissue to sag or droop. There are many other factors that contribute to this as well including pregnancy, breast feeding, gravity and weight fluctuations.

During the breast lift, excess skin is removed and the breast tissue is reshaped giving the breast a perkier more youthful look.

A breast lift is performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Lee will select a technique based on your breast size, shape, areola position and size, the amount of droop you have and the elasticity of your skin.

There are 3 different types of breast lifts; a crescent lift is for the mildest cases of breast droop. An incision is made from the 9’o clock to 3’oclock position where a wedge of skin is removed above the areola resulting in a minimal scar. A peri-areolar breast lift or a “donut mastopexy” is for moderate sagginess of the breast. Dr. Lee creates an incision around the areola and some of the surrounding skin is removed in a circular pattern. This incision is sewn with a purse string effect bringing up the areola and allowing for an areolar reduction at the same time. The third type of breast lift is for the droopiest of breasts. This will leave you with an inverted –T or Anchor type of scar. This is for moderate to severe sagging of the breasts. During this approach skin is removed from the bottom portion of the breasts to help tighten the skin envelope around the remaining breast tissue. This will lift the areola to a higher position on the breast resulting if a more youthful appearance.


If you would like to see what type of breast lift you qualify for please contact Dr. Richard Lee’s office at (949)548-9312

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