Most plastic surgery patients are aware of the versatility of cosmetic injectables like Dysport and Restylane. For example, they can smooth facial wrinkles, add healthy volume to the face and enhance features like the lips. But did you know that these products are used for other purposes besides facial rejuvenation? Some of them are FDA-approved uses while others are “off-label” uses. Here, Dr. Richard Lee reveals five surprising fixes with injectable fillers.

1. Stop Excessive Sweating

In addition to smoothing wrinkles, Dysport is FDA-approved for the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) in people over the age of 18. When prescription-strength antiperspirants fail, some people opt to have Dysport injected into their armpits to stop sweating.

(Note that it has not yet been determined whether Dysport can stop sweating in other areas of the body.)

2. Provide Relief from Migraines

The FDA has also approved Dysport to be used for the treatment of migraines. This is great news for anyone that has suffered the debilitating pain of migraines. The product can be injected into the temples, forehead, shoulders and neck to prevent pain signals from reaching nerve endings.

3. Cushion the Balls of the Feet

Any woman that has worn high heels for a night out has probably suffered some discomfort. Some doctors are now injecting dermal fillers into the balls of the feet to compensate for the natural padding that wears down with age. With the added cushion, high heels suddenly become more comfortable.

4. Rejuvenate Bony Hands with Prominent Veins

The hands are vulnerable to the effects of age and may take on a bony appearance with prominent veins. Radiesse, which is an injectable filler usually used for facial rejuvenation, is also FDA-approved for hand rejuvenation. It can capably reduce signs of aging, including prominent looking veins, on the back of the hands.

5. Restore Beauty to the Décolletage

The décolletage can develop wrinkles, age spots, uneven texture and laxity as a result of prolonged sun exposure and the natural aging process. Some doctors use injectables like Restylane and Restylane to rejuvenate the area and restore a youthful appearance. The products can fill in creases and add volume where needed.

Please note that Dr. Lee and his team may not currently use cosmetic injectables for all of the reasons described in this post; however, they are extremely adept at using them for facial rejuvenation purposes. If you would like to learn more about how injectables can make you look younger and more attractive, please call (949) 548-9312 today and request an appointment.

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