Your chances of a successful mommy makeover depend largely on the skill of your plastic surgeon. However, there are things that you can do ahead of time and after surgery to boost your chances of a safe and favorable outcome. In this blog post, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Lee shares his top 10 tips for mommy makeover patients.

Before Mommy Makeover

  1. Stop smoking. If you smoke or use nicotine products, now is the time to stop. Smoking raises the risks of surgery and can inhibit your healing. On a similar note, you may need to stop taking certain medications, vitamins and supplements a few weeks before surgery (your doctor will give you a list of ones to avoid).
  2. Stay active and eat well. Fuel your body for surgery by exercising regularly, eating well-balanced meals and getting enough sleep. You want to go into surgery feeling your best.
  3. Prepare your recovery space. Before your surgery date, prepare your bedroom or living room (wherever you will be spending the majority of your recovery). Stock the room with soft blankets and pillows to prop yourself up on. Queue up plenty of entertainment options, such as your favorite television shows or movies on Netflix and books to read on your Kindle. Fill your fridge or freezer with easy-to-prepare meals.
  4. Fill your prescriptions. Your doctor will write you prescriptions for certain medications you need after surgery. It is highly recommended you fill them ahead of time. That way, as soon as you need the medication, it is available.
  5. Line up some help for childcare and chores. After surgery, expect to be out of commission for the first few days. You will likely need to recruit a family member or friend to help with your children and household chores. Do not attempt to do it alone.

After Mommy Makeover

  1. Take the time you need to recover. Most women take between two and three weeks off from work to recover. Don’t push yourself to return to work; straining yourself physically could cause a complication or affect your healing progress.
  2. Wear your compression garment. Your doctor will recommend wearing a special compression garment around your waist and breasts to help control post-operative swelling and support the healing tissues. Keep this garment on until the doctor advises you that it is safe to remove.
  3. Take your medications as prescribed. Dr. Lee will provide guidelines for taking your meds. Since the first few days can feel fuzzy mentally, some patients like to set alarms and keep a written log to stay on-trackwith medications.
  4. Don’t fret about how you look initially. Certain patients are surprised by post-operative bruising and swelling. Don’t worry; these side effects are a normal side effect of the healing process. Try not to feel self-conscious!
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have a question during the recovery process, don’t wait to ask it (or worse, Google it). Call Dr. Lee’s office and ask to speak with the doctor or one of our surgical staff. Someone is always available for you.

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