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Many women request breast reduction surgery because they are unhappy with their overly large, pendulous breasts. For some women, having extremely large breasts poses several challenges. For instance, having pendulous breasts makes certain physical activities such as running difficult or even painful. Having very large breasts can also cause back, neck and shoulder pain, often as the result of inadvertently hunching forward due to the heavy weight of the large breasts. Some women simply find their pendulous breasts unattractive, while others feel self-conscious about the appearance of their breasts.

To correct these concerns and more, Dr. Richard H. Lee performs breast reduction surgery in Newport Beach. Thanks to breast reduction surgery, Dr. Lee has helped numerous women feel more comfortable both physically and emotionally. For a free consultation, please call 949-548-9312 today.

What Happens During Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure. Before beginning the surgery, general anesthesia is administered, so the patient is comfortable throughout the procedure.

After Dr. Lee creates the required incision(s), he removes excess skin and tissue from the breast. Most of the excised skin and tissue is taken from the lower breast area.

With every breast reduction procedure, Dr. Lee incorporates breast lift as well so he can mold and fashion new, youthful-looking breasts for every patient.

The results, of course, can vary depending on the amount and consistency of the breast tissue itself, but Dr. Lee is able to create much lighter, perkier-looking breasts, in most cases. In many cases, incorporating breast lift also creates the appearance of a much thinner, youthful-looking upper body overall.

He then adjusts the nipple to a higher position on the breast, keeping the nipple affixed to the supporting tissue to preserve sensation in the nipple. Typically, with overly large breasts, it is necessary to reduce the size of the areola, so it is in balance with the new size and shape of the breast. The Orange County breast surgeon accomplishes this by eliminating some of the skin from the outer perimeter of the areola.

Lastly, Dr. Lee closes the incisions with stitches and dresses the treated area with bandages as well as an ACE bandage.

Incision Patterns

During consultation, Dr. Lee reviews each patient’s breast anatomy and aesthetic concerns. Based on these factors, he suggests a suitable treatment protocol, including which surgical technique he recommends using during the breast reduction procedure. The chosen surgical approach influences which incision pattern Dr. Lee will use during surgery.

If Dr. Lee and the patient opt for the traditional breast reduction approach, Dr. Lee will use an inframammary incision that runs horizontally beneath the breast fold, a vertical incision that runs down the front of the breast and a periareolar incision that encircles the outer border of the areola.

breast reduction incisions diagram

The decision to undergo breast reduction surgery can bring about a range of emotions. The idea of achieving smaller, more proportionate breasts can be exciting while the thought of undergoing surgery can be nerve-wracking.

FAQs about Breast Reduction

How do I know if I’m a candidate for breast reduction?

If you experience emotional or physical discomfort due to large, pendulous breasts, you may be a suitable candidate for breast reduction. Common reasons why women choose to undergo breast reduction include feelings of self-consciousness or embarrassment; back, neck or shoulder pain; and difficulty exercising or moving around due to enlarged, heavy breasts.

Is breast reduction a long-term solution?

Breast reduction is a procedure that cannot be undone. However, it is possible for the remaining fat cells to enlarge in the case of future weight gain or pregnancy when the breasts swell and store milk. To prolong your results, Dr. Lee advises you to maintain a stable weight following the procedure. He also recommends you postpone breast reduction until after you are done having all of your children. The surgeon can discuss other ways to maintain your results for many years.

Do I need a lift with my breast reduction?

This will ultimately depend on your unique case. If you have good skin elasticity that can contract well to fit smaller breast volume, you may not need lift surgery. On the other hand, if you have loose, excess skin, Dr. Lee may recommend breast reduction with lift to create younger-looking and more attractive breasts.

Does the procedure leave scars?

Like any surgical procedure that involves incisions, breast reduction does leave some degree of scarring. However, the scars should fade away over time with proper care. Additionally, Dr. Lee makes every effort to ensure that your final results are as beautiful as possible. The experienced surgeon uses the most advanced incision techniques in order to limit the size and appearance of the incisions. He can discuss the specific technique he will use during your one-on-one consultation.

How long is recovery?

The initial recovery typically takes one to two weeks. During this time, you will be expected to rest as much as possible, avoiding vigorous activities including exercise, bending and lifting heavy objects.

Will my health insurance cover my breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery can be covered by health insurance if the procedure is deemed medically necessary. If your overly large breasts are causing back, shoulder or neck pain and/or rashes under your breasts, your health insurance will likely pay for part or all of your breast reduction.

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Dr. Richard H. Lee is an experienced breast surgeon who has years of experience performing breast reduction surgery. If you suffer from physical or emotional discomfort due to your large breasts, breast reduction surgery may be for you. For a free consultation, please call 949-548-9312 today. Richard H. Lee, MD Plastic Surgery welcomes patients throughout Orange County, including Newport Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana and other areas of California.