Rhinoplasty Recovery — Post-Op Care Newport Beach

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Posted: August 31, 2015

Having the nose surgically corrected is one of the more common cosmetic procedures in the country. For the surgeon involved, the process requires artistry and science in order to achieve the best results. The patient can make a difference in the final outcome as well, especially in the rhinoplasty recovery process.

After surgery, the rhinoplasty recovery phase begins. During this time, the body will undergo some critical healing that can factor into the final outcome of the surgery. Following the surgeon’s instructions is critical. Patients should expect some swelling and discoloration in the area.

In most cases, a plastic splint will be placed over the nose. It is important not to remove this until cleared by the surgeon. To avoid damaging the surgery site, patients should be very careful.

Anti-inflammatory medication should be avoided after surgery, as well as alcohol and smoking.

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