Plastic Surgery Financing

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Posted: November 4, 2015

The beginning of a New Year approaching brings a lot of us resolutions to get healthier, look better, and transform our lives. This may also include plastic surgery to aid in your journey towards confidence.
Unfortunately, even if you have made up your mind to have an elective cosmetic procedure, there’s always the question of finances. We want you to know that you have options when it comes to getting money for your procedure. Choosing to finance plastic surgery should be carefully considered.

“How does financing work?” It works just like if you were applying for a new car. Based on your credit score, credit history, and debt to income ratio the company can tell us in one minute if they are able to give you the line of credit. If you qualify, we run the card before surgery for payment. Then you pay small monthly payments back to the company until it is paid in full. You can always pay back the loan early with no penalties.

We research the companies we work with diligently and proudly offer a few great financing options for you, including no interest loans! Many of our patients are choosing to finance their surgeries today and we would love to explain in more detail or answer any questions that you have.

Please call Dr. Richard Lee today for more information about financing.