Nose Surgery — Rhinoplasty Newport Beach

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Posted: October 4, 2015

Because of the centralized location of the nose combined with its functional and aesthetic value, it’s common for people to request some alteration to it to help them with their daily lives. This surgical procedure, offered by Dr. Richard Lee, is known as nose surgery, or rhinoplasty.

Nose surgery is an operation designed to improve the appearance and/or functionality of the nose. A nose is supposed to help us breathe and smell, but it should also be straight and in good proportion with the rest of our face. This is why the surgery requires careful manipulation that must be calculated and predicted before making a single move.

The procedure can be performed using a closed or open approach depending on the patient’s preference and the type of corrections needed. A closed technique is generally preferred when possible, because it is better at concealing post-surgical marks.

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