Muscle Tightening — Abdominoplasty Newport Beach

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Posted: January 15, 2016

Many people are not completely aware of all the benefits provided by the popular body-contouring surgery known as the tummy tuck. The procedure is widely thought to simply tighten the loose skin around the area, which is true, but it also is a great procedure for muscle tightening of the abdominal walls.

The fascia (muscle covering) is sometimes repaired or tightened during the abdominoplasty. The condition of the fascia determines what, if anything, is done to repair or tighten it.

If the fascia is loose or detached, it can be pulled together. This process of muscle tightening around the abdomen is great for eliminating that belly bulge typically seen in women who have given birth.

Find out more about the muscle tightening that can happen during a tummy tuck by contacting plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Lee at our Newport Beach office.