Brazilian Butt Lift

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A full, shapely, voluptuous butt has become a highly desired feature in recent years. It can provide balance to your overall figure and help you look great in clothing. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj have ushered in this trend, and it has helped make buttock augmentation one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in recent years.

Often, it can be difficult to achieve this look through exercise alone. Fortunately, Dr. Richard Lee can help you attain the attractive buttocks you desire. Dr. Lee performs buttock augmentation using the Brazilian butt lift technique, which utilizes your own fat to enhance the appearance of your rear end.

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Am I a Brazilian Butt Lift Candidate?

Brazilian butt lift patient in Newport Beach, CAMost people who would like to improve the appearance of their buttocks are good candidates for the Brazilian butt lift. In general, you should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations for the outcome of your procedure. Smokers must be willing to quit prior to surgery and throughout the recovery period since smoking can impede healing and have a negative impact on final results.

The Brazilian butt lift can help you address a variety of aesthetic concerns, including:

  • A rear end the is too small for your frame
  • A desire to add volume and roundness to your buttocks
  • A butt that is too flat, square or saggy
  • A butt that is dimpled, flabby or crinkled
  • An asymmetrical or lumpy butt
  • Difficulty finding bikini bottoms that fit well

In addition, it’s important that you have sufficient fat in another part of your body to harvest as part of the fat transfer procedure. Dr. Lee will generally use fat from the abdomen, back or thighs to enhance the appearance of your buttocks.

Benefits of Buttock Augmentation

You’ll experience many benefits from your buttock augmentation procedure, including:

  • A beautiful, curvy shape to the buttocks
  • Enhanced overall figure
  • Improved appearance in clothing and bathing suits
  • Improved self confidence

In addition, you will receive the dual benefit of a more attractive appearance in the donor region. By transferring unwanted fat from one area of your body into your buttocks, you experience body contouring benefits in both areas.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

buttock augmentation patient in Orange County, CAThe Brazilian butt lift technique delivers results that look and feel much more natural than other methods such as buttock implants. This is due to the fact that your own fat cells are used to reshape your butt instead of a foreign object such as a silicone implant.

There are three components to the Brazilian butt lift procedure:

  • Removing excess fat from a donor region
  • Purifying the fat
  • Reinserting the fat into your buttocks

Dr. Lee will use liposuction to harvest fat cells from another area of your body. This fat is then prepared and purified before being injected into your buttocks. Small amounts of fat will be strategically inserted into different areas of your butt and at varying depths in order to achieve your desired look.

Recovery after the Brazilian Butt Lift

You’ll need to wear a compression garment for the first few weeks of recovery in order to reduce swelling and facilitate healing. You may experience some mild discomfort during this time, which can be controlled with pain medication prescribed by Dr. Lee.

In order to get the best possible results from the fat transfer procedure, you’ll need to avoid pressure on the buttocks for the first few weeks of recovery. It’s best to refrain from sitting as much as possible, and you should sleep on your side during this time. This will help improve your final outcome and ensure your results last as long as possible.

You will be able to return to work and resume most normal activities within about two weeks, but you should refrain from strenuous exercise until Dr. Lee clears you for this level of physical activity. It may take up to six months for your final results to appear, but then you should enjoy a beautiful, shapely butt for many years to come.

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