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Mommy Makeover

It's your time
Reclaim your pre-baby body
Make over your outlook

Breast Enhancement

Enhance your curves
Celebrate your femininity
Love your new look

After Massive Weight Loss

Commemorate your achievement
Attain the body you deserve
Cherish the new you

Facial Rejuvenation

Revive your natural beauty
Restore your confidence
Rekindle your spirit

Tummy Tuck / Lipo

Achieve a svelte contour
Adore your figure
Exude confidence

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Cosmetic Procedures Newport Beach

Under each of the following procedures of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery, you will find a brief clinical vignette and a set of diagrams which explains the procedure in detail. Each of the vignette and diagram is followed by a set of postoperative instructions which is given to patients after surgery. We encourage you to read through the narratives here and to write down any questions which may come up. You may e-mail the questions directly to us at or bring them with you to your consultation clinic.

Breast Procedures

Body Procedures

Facial Procedures

Injectables and Skin Care