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Rhinoplasty Newport Beach

The nose is the most prominent and noticed feature of your face. The nose should, above all, be in harmony with the rest of your face, in terms of size, shape, and contour. When the nose is out of proportion with other features of the face, it does not complement the face but rather detracts from your appearance. Certain features of the nose are common to certain ethnic groups or even families. While certain features of your family nose may complement the distinguished appearance of your uncle and grandfather, you may feel that the same nose on your face creates disharmony and impairment of your overall appearance.

Cosmetic surgery to reshape the size and shape of your nose is called rhinoplasty. In a rhinoplasty, a small incision in made just below the tip of your nose. (Figure A) Through this “access” incision, cartilage can be repositioned using sutures to reshape the size and contour of your nose. The nose can be compared to the process of constructing a house. If you have ever seen a house being built, there are structural beams and framework set in place before the house is covered with stucco or siding. The structural beams in your nose are the cartilage. The stucco covering is your skin. Through surgery, the structure is changed by reshaping the cartilage. (Figure B) Then, the skin heals by “shrink-wrapping” around the cartilage framework, giving you the final appearance of a changed nose. (Figure C)

Rhinoplasty Figures

*Individual results may vary

The surgery is done on an outpatient basis. You have a plastic flexible splint inside and outside your nose for one week. (Figure D) Swelling and bruising will subside in about 10 days.

Rhinoplasty surgery

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Rhinoplasty is a popular facial cosmetic surgery procedure that can transform you appearance by bringing all of your facial features into harmony. If you have been considering rhinoplasty, or other facial plastic surgery procedures, such as facelift or brow lift, contact Dr. Richard Lee for a comprehensive evaluation. Call 949-548-9312 today.