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Breast Augmentation Newport Beach

Many women turn to Dr. Richard H. Lee in Newport Beach, Calif., because he is a leading provider of surgical breast augmentation in Orange County. These women pursue breast enhancement cosmetic surgery for various reasons. Some of them feel that the petite size of their breasts limits their ability to wear fashionable clothes. Others are frustrated that their breasts have become smaller or have started to sag due to major fluctuations in weight, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or the natural aging process. And some women turn to Dr. Lee because they are unhappy that their breasts are asymmetric.

Dr. Lee performs breast enhancement surgery with saline, silicone or “gummy bear” breast implants to correct these aesthetic concerns. The Newport Beach breast augmentation surgeon has helped countless women attain their ideal breasts — and he can do the same for you. Whether you long for more-voluptuous, better-lifted or more-symmetrical breasts, Dr. Lee will help you achieve your aesthetic objectives.

Breast Implant Options

Dr. Lee offers two types of breast implants: saline and cohesive silicone gel implants. Each breast implant option offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, saline breast implants, which are comprised of a silicone outer shell and a sterile saltwater filling solution, require smaller incisions than their silicone counterparts because Dr. Lee is able to insert them while they are empty and fill them with saline solution after they are in place. In addition, saline implants offer a certain degree of safety because the body is able to absorb the filling solution naturally in case the implant leaks or ruptures.

On the other hand, saline breast implants tend to ripple or fold within the breast implant pocket. Also, they may not be an appropriate option for patients with thin skin or little body fat because they might be visible under the skin’s surface.

Cohesive silicone gel implants require larger incisions than saline implants do because they are prefilled by the manufacturer before insertion. However, they tend to look and feel more like natural breasts than do saline breast implants, making them a popular choice among patients.

One disadvantage of traditional silicone breast implants is that they pose an increased risk of “silent rupture.” Silent rupture occurs when the implant ruptures, but the patient is unaware of it because the filling material has stayed intact inside the implant pocket. Silent rupture can be harmful if left untreated, because the body cannot safely absorb the filling material.

Due to the increased risk of silent rupture, Dr. Lee suggests that patients with silicone implants have a breast imaging exam (e.g., mammogram, MRI) every three years, beginning the third year following the original breast augmentation surgery, to monitor breast health.

Cohesive silicone gel implants are often referred to as “gummy bear” implants due to their consistency, which resembles the chewy, gummy candies. These are the newest generation of breast implants, and are the latest to be approved by the FDA for use in breast enhancement surgery.

One advantage of gummy bear implants is that the filling material is form stable, so it stays together when squeezed or cut in half. In addition to providing an aesthetic benefit, this also provides an added layer of safety in case of implant rupture, because the filling material will not migrate throughout the body. Another advantage is that thanks to the form-stable nature of the filling material, the breast implants are unlikely to wrinkle or fold inside the implant pocket.

Placement Options

The Orange County breast augmentation surgeon offers two placement options for breast implants: subglandular and submuscular placement.

Subglandular placement means that Dr. Lee positions the breast implants under the glandular, or breast, tissue (and over the chest muscle). Submuscular placement means that he positions the implants under the pectoral, or chest, muscle. Again, both options have benefits and drawbacks.

Subglandular placement is less invasive because the chest muscle is left intact, allowing for a quicker, relatively easier recovery period. However, breast implants placed under the breast tissue may be visible underneath the skin; again, especially in women with thin skin or insufficient body fat.

Submuscular placement is more invasive and requires a slightly longer, more intense recovery period. On the other hand, this placement method often provides more natural-looking results. In addition, submuscular placement has been shown to prevent capsular contracture, a thickening of the natural capsule formed around breast implants which can lead to distortion in the shape and feel of the implants.

Incision Options

There are three principal incision approaches available: the periareolar, inframammary and transaxillary methods.

The periareolar incision approach involves making the needed incision around the outside edge of the areola, or the darker pigmented skin surrounding the nipple. With this approach, the incision is least visible. However, this approach also increases the patient’s chance of experiencing a temporary or long-term change in nipple sensation following surgery. In addition, it may make breastfeeding difficult or impossible. The periareolar incision has also been shown to increase the risk of capsular contracture.

Breast Augmentation Figure
With the inframammary approach, Dr. Lee positions the incision underneath the natural fold of the breast, so that it is well hidden and is not easily visible. This incision technique offers a decreased risk of a change in nipple sensation after surgery. It also typically results in fewer breastfeeding complications.

The Keller Funnel

Dr. Lee makes a smaller-length incision for the placement of silicone implants than some other surgeons do. He is able to do so because he uses the Keller funnel, a revolutionary device which offers the gentlest approach to inserting silicone implants.

In addition to being able to use a smaller incision, the Keller funnel also allows Dr. Lee to insert the implant in the most sterile way possible. During surgery, Dr. Lee is the only person in the operating room that ever touches your implants before they are inserted. Not only that, but he puts on a new pair of sterile gloves just to handle your implants. Furthermore, inserting the implant with the help of the Keller funnel allows the implant to be inserted without it coming into contact with any surrounding tissue. This ensures a sterile delivery of the implants, which helps reduce the chance of infection and capsular contracture (a condition in which scar tissue forms around the implant).

Post Op Instructions

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